How to restore Grub 2 after installing MS Windows using Fedora installation (bootable) dvd/cd/usb

| Why

	After installing/reinstalling MS Windows on dual boot PC the MBR has been rewritten.

| Inspired by

	Ubuntu Sharing

| How to

1. Boot up the dvd/cd/usb and choose the option

	Rescue installed system
	(after booting from the media, choose language,
	 keyboard settings and network using)

2. Choose rescue method


	(the rescue environment will attempt to find existing GNU/Linux
	 installation and mount it under the directory /mnt/sysimage)

3. Start shell with mounted existing installation by choosing the option


4. Change the root environment to the existing installation

	chroot /mnt/sysimage

5. Find disk device of the existing installation

	...for example using any of commands: df, fdisk, mount

6. Restore grub

	grub-install /dev/sda

	(suppose that /dev/sda is the device of existing installation)

7. Reboot system