How to mount remote partition secure

| Technology

  For more informations look at: SSH Filesystem
  Based on FUSE

| How to mount remote partition secure

1. install fuse-sshfs package (from extras in Fedora Core)

	yum install fuse-sshfs

2. create a mount point for remote partition

	mkdir /mnt/remote

3. mount the remote partition

	sshfs user@host:/ /mnt/remote/ -o allow_other

	( Depends on distribution and configuration sshfs/fusermount could act
	  only as root. That's why the allow_other parameter has been used.
	  You can also specify a directory after the ":" )

4. check whether the remote partition is successfully mounted

	df -h
	mount | grep remote

4. unmount the remote partition

	fusermount -u /mnt/remote/