Installing a Tor Client on Fedora 16

| TOR Home Page

	Tor Project

| How to Install

1. install the tor client rpm package

	yum install tor

2. install the privoxy rpm package

	yum install privoxy

3. enable SOCKS proxy routing

	vi /etc/privoxy/config

    in section 5.2 uncomment the directive

	forward-socks5   / .

      or because of DNS leak rather

	forward-socks4a   / .

4. start the installed modules

	systemctl start tor.service

	systemctl start privoxy.service

    systemctl enable ... to start the services on bootup

5. set the system or web proxy settings

    system proxy settings

      http / https / ftp proxy:

	IP:	Port: 8118


	IP:	Port: 9050

      Note: in case of using system proxy settings set the browser proxy setting option: "Use system proxy settings"

  web proxy settings

      http proxy (Mozilla Firefox):

	IP:	Port: 8118

	check the "Use this proxy server for all protocols" option

6. check whether tor is running properly


| How to increase personal anonymity

1. install apropriate browser plugins

	eg. AdBlock, NoScript, FlashBlock, QuickJava, ... 

2. hide DNS requests

	use local DNS server

	install dns-proxy-tor