Catholic Priest
  Cyber Security
  AI Security
  AI Ethics
  Sys Admin
  Network Admin
  Data Protection
  Open Source
  Information Society
  Moral Theology


Technological solutions

Design, implementation and management of technology infrastructure and software solutions:

Data protection (GDPR) and cyber security (CyberSec)

Christ-Net.Sk projects

Volunteer IT platform for Christian web projects, dioceses, parishes and religious orders.

Information security

Design, implementation and management of security solutions, solving of security incidents.

Information society

Pedagogical and research activities on the emerging information society, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence in the context of fundamental rights, freedoms and spiritual life.

Artificial intelligence

Research activity in the field of security and ethics of contemporary artificial intelligence systems and in several theoretical aspects of general artificial intelligence towards superintelligence.


Published/updated on 15.11.2023